When was your last mortgage checkup?

I offer a FREE, no-obligation mortgage checkups to all existing and new clients. Having regular checkups by a doctor is a critical step to ensuring your health. The same concept holds true for one of your most important financial investments: your mortgage.

 We will work to evaluate your current real estate financing and help you make the best choice for your financial situation.

Things to review when evaluating your current mortgage:

  • A rising mortgage payment due to an ARM loan resetting
  • Consolidating your first and second mortgages to lower your overall payment
  • Buying a primary residence, vacation home, or investment property
  • Using home equity to fund an important purchase
  • Consolidating credit card and other high-interest revolving debt1
  • Eliminating private mortgage insurance (PMI) payments

Viewing your mortgage as a financial instrument that can help you save money and achieve other life goals is a smart move. It all begins with your free mortgage checkup.  Call me today and let’s schedule an appointment!

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